Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sissy Station - Assignment 2

Here is my reposting of the 2nd Sissy Station assignment. Here is the Introduction, and here is the first assignment.

Your Second Sissy Assignment

How is my little panty-wearing sissy coming along then?

Your second assignment requires some more shopping. You will return to the same store as last time. How humiliating. Perhaps the assistants will remember you bought some panties recently. Maybe they'll be wondering if you're wearing them right now.

You will buy a second pair of panties; this time a thong. Try to find one in pink. You will also buy 7, yes seven, pairs of pantyhose. Don't cheat and buy multipacks; buy seven separate packages in a variety of brands. If they aren't 'one size', be sure to check they will fit. Purchase at least one pair in black and one in nude. Buy only 5, 7, 8 or 10 denier; no opaques or semi-opaques, no patterns and definitely no fishnets. Opaques are sweaty and dull and fishnets are for tarts. You are a sissy, not a tart. Sissies want to be feminine. Sissies wear sheer. You will be feminine. You will wear sheer.

When you go to the checkout, the assistant will have no doubt that you are buying pantyhose for yourself. You're not going to buy seven different pairs for your girlfriend, are you? Don't be embarrassed; relish the thrill of being in the presence of a woman who knows you are a sissy. Be in awe of her; you are just starting out, learning to be feminine, trying to be more like her. Even if she is plain, she is more feminine than you will ever be.

You will have guessed why you have bought seven pairs of pantyhose. You now have a different pair for every day of the week. You will always wear pantyhose from now on - at home, at work, in bed, at the grocery store, at the gym, at a nightclub - wherever you go you will always feel the caress of nylon against your legs.

Discretely, look at the legs of every woman you meet. Is she wearing pantyhose or stockings? Is she wearing the same shade as you? Is she wearing the same denier as you? After a while you will have enough experience of hosiery to be able to answer these questions. And don't dismiss a woman just because she's wearing trousers. Some women even wear pantyhose under their trousers; after all, you do, don't you, sissy?

From now on, you will wear your pantyhose 24/7 except to bath or shower. In fact, you can also wear them in the bath or shower if the mood really takes you. You will be tormented by the sensation of your legs brushing against the sheets as you try to sleep. If you ladder a pair, you will buy a new pair to replace them. You will handwash each soiled pair every day.

Your new panties will be alternated with your old pair. Discard all your male undies now. You will not keep any. Even if you have to go to the doctor, you will do so in panties. There is no going back.

Do not proceed to your next assignment until you have worn pantyhose for at least two weeks.

I have worn pantyhose for two weeks


KIRCEDES said...

I remember these assignments, it was along time ago i believe before my last purging. Thanks for sharing them...

Charmane said...

I hope that you enjoy seeing them again!

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