Sissy Assignment - The Mirror

Cocksucker, by david73 on Literotica. Why was Simon's female friend so sure he wants to suck cock? (First seen on annamalice's site.)

Ellen Hayes - author of the Saga of Tuck and Tucky Seasons

Seasons of Change - the original 'Seasons' story by Joel Lawrence

Tigger 'n Brandy - Jane Home

Becoming Eve-Amber hasn't been updated for a long time, but it's very hot!

Miss Deville's Academy - Lucas's Story

I think that the most arousing part is soon after Lucas, transformed into Lucy, hears the teacher say that one of the boys will have some "quality time with Lucy", and she knows that that means that she is, literally, fucked. Lucy is at first terrified, but then beoomes increasingly turned on by the prospect.

Here are some of the authors and stories that I have found on FictionMania: