Friday, June 28, 2013

Blurred Lines

I really love the nsfw version of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. As Stana might say, "Femulate them!

I bet that someone could do a wonderful hypno/trainer with this one...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Sissy 'Story of O'?

A recent posting by Ms Marie about the novel The Story of O, a longtime favorite of mine, made me think about how I experience this story. Whenever I fantasize about those scenes that push my buttons (and, believe me, there are many that do), I always imagine myself as the female protagonist. For some reason, until recently, I haven't tried to recast the story in terms of forced feminization. What if, along with the female slaves, there were also feminized male slaves at Roissy? What might be the story of one such involuntary sissy?

(It just occurred to me that I've never noticed any 'Story of O' fan-fiction. Have I just missed it?)

The backstory would have to be somewhat different. I'm imagining O' (or O-prime, which is how I'll distinguish this feminized male character from the original female O) as being a boy, perhaps late teens, but still in puberty. O' is not gay - interested in girls, not a virgin, but not experienced. He does, however, have a hero-worship crush on a young man, Rene, for whom he would do almost anything.

The initial scene, in which O is selectively disrobed in the back seat of a car, would have to change. For one thing, O' and Rene are not lovers, so that dynamic is different. For another, while for O this scene is about becoming more exposed and vulnerable, for O' there should also be the beginning of his feminization. Here's an outline of what I'm imagining:

  • Rene asks O' to come along with him on a car ride. They get into the back seat of a car, driven by someone that Rene seems to know. Rene tells O' that he, Rene, is in a bad situation and asks O' to help him by doing him a big favor. O', eager to help Rene, agrees. Rene gives O' a chance to back out - it may be difficult, and that O' will have to do whatever is asked of him. O', because Rene is his hero, wants to continue.
  • Rene has O' remove all of his clothing, including his underwear, socks, and shoes, all of which Rene hands forward to the driver. Rene gives O' a silk robe, short enough that O' can't sit on it (which Rene tells him not to do, of course). Rene binds O's hands behind his back and blindfolds him. O' then feels Rene placing a pair of high-heeled sandals on his feet and fastening the buckles around his ankles.
  • As the car continues it's journey, O' is aroused by the combination of feelings - the coldness of the car seat against his buttocks and thighs, the texture of the robe against his body, the arch of his feet in the sandals - as well as the idea that he is half-naked, blindfolded, and bound. He gets an erection which he can only assume is obvious under the robe, and that embarrasses him further.
  • When the car stops, O's door is opened and Rene tells him to get out. O' is unsure on his feet, but strong hands take hold of his arm and help him from the car, up several steps of stairs, and through a doorway. He hears the door close behind him.

So, what do you think? Would this make a good sissy story?

One thing that I had not noticed before about the Story of O was how emotionally flat the beginning was. Description of what O experiences, but nothing of what she is feeling emotionally. I think that the effect is that the reader can project on O the emotions that the reader imagines. O is sort of a blank canvas. What do you think?

Another thing that I found surprising was the variation in the author's voice. A lot of the first part is in the third person: "Her lover one day takes O for a walk..." But some is in the second person ("The seat is made of some sort of imitation leather, which is slippery and cold: it's quite an extraordinary sensation to feel it sticking to your thighs.") or first person ("I know it was at this point that they freed O's hands, which were still tied behind her back, and told her to get undressed..") I found this a bit weird, but disarming. If I were to rewrite this scene, should I try to be true to the same voice?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

Gurls, I had such great plans for a couple of new assignments and they just haven't come together. A combination of lacking the right words and/or images. I'm still working on them, but I can't promise when they'll be ready.

But, in the meantime, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the large volume of good hypno/training video out there. Sissification trainers, cock-sucking trainers, bimbotization, anal, cock worship, etc., etc. I've had trouble keeping track of which ones I like the best, and why. So I thought that I might write some blog posts to help me keep them straight.

Felicia has produced a lot of great material (thanks, Felicia!), and Anna Malice has found tons of wonderful videos, and started producing her own (go, Anna!). But the video that I keep coming back to is one that Sophie posted back in January: Boys, Boys, Boys. If you haven't seen it already, take a look and then see if your reactions match mine. I'm not an audio-visual expert at all, so I'm sure that I'm not using the correct terminology - and I would welcome clarifications!

Boys, Boys, Boys seems like a near-perfect combination of the things that I like best in this kind of video. First of all, the content: a familiar story arc from sexy girls provocatively posed, to hot boy-girl action, and culiminating with cum-shots. No obvious T-gurls here, which may disappoint some, but which I (to some extent) prefer - as an autogynephile, what I like best about T-gurls is what they have in common with girls!

I love the song, Lady Gaga's Boys, Boys, Boys, and I think that it is a perfect choice for a sissy video! And the moans and cries from the various video clips enhance the audio track! The visual content is well matched to the audio. In particular, right at the first chorus is the transition from some sexy (mostly still) poses to some hot (video) action. And the pace during the bridge seems to me to change in a way that I can't quite put my finger on, but seems a little more relentless.

The visual content is a mixture of pictures and video that work well together. The pictures are not static: the viewpoint is constantly panning or zooming over them, which helps to maintain the feeling of movement. The pace varies, but is on average perhaps a second per image? Fast enough to keep things moving, without being dizzying.

One effect that I really like is how some of the video clips are broken up by still pictures. For example, at around 1:06, there's a clip of a girl about to take a cock into her mouth. Then there's a still picture. Then back to the video clip; she's reaching up with her hand to grasp it. Then another still picture, before going back one last time to the video clip to see her holding it while kissing his balls. This pattern is followed several times throughout the video, and it gives a sense of continuity while keeping things moving.

Lastly, the superimposed text is, for me, right on target. Not just the content, which I like, but how it is presented. A big, bold font that is constant throughout. Short phrases, many of which are broken up so that only one or two words are visible at a time (TEASE ... BOYS ... ... KISS ... BOYS ... ... YOU ... ARE ... A GIRL). Overall, I find myself absorbed in the images, having processed the words without having consciously read them.

Anyway, I hope that I've been able to convey why I like this video so much. I keep hoping to find more like it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anal Sissy Assignment

This is not a Sissy Station assignment; it's one that I wrote some years ago in imitation of them. Logically it follows the fifth assignment, since it refers to the cock sucking task of numbers four and five.

I wrote it because I felt that the Sissy Station assignments didn't explore the anal sex side of sissy submission as much as they could have. IIRC, they involve wearing a butt plug for longer and longer periods of time, but that's about it. I thought that much more could be done on the subject.

I have some thoughts on more assignments - in fact, I think that may have written a follow-on to this one, but I can't find the source - but any ideas are appreciated!

And, of course, any comments from those who try to carry out these assignments are more than welcome!

Anal Sissy Assignment

Time to continue your attitude adjustments, sissy girl.

It may be hard to believe, but even now, when you masturbate, you wank too much like a Real Man. Even though you have a little boyclit instead of a real cock, and you may only cum once for every ten times that you practice cocksucking (and, when you do, you must eat your cum), you do have direct control of the action - you can take matters in to your own hands, quite literally.

That's about to change.

It's time to shop for another dildo, and I think that you can guess what this one will be for! Why can't you just use the one that you have been sucking on? There are many reasons: a shape that is good for sucking may not be optimal for, well, other things; there's the hygene factor (although we may address that concern in a later assignment); but, most importantly, there may be times that you will be filled at both ends!

This dildo need not be realistically detailed, nor should it be as large. (Was that a sigh of relief, sissy? Or something else?) But it should have a head that's bigger than the shaft, and it should be curved, like a rampant erection, the better to find your sissy G-spot.

Put the two dildos together and examine them side by side. Measure their girth by wrapping your hands around each of them in turn. Take the new one into your mouth to get a sense for how it compares to the first; as you suck on it, imagine how large it will feel in your boypussy.

Start on your back, with you legs spread and your knees drawn up slightly - whatever feels comfortably relaxed. Slide a pillow under your ass to make it more accessable. Accessability - that's an important and recurring point, sissy. Put a large dollup of lube on your finger and spread it on and around your sphincter. Does that intimate contact make you a feel little apprehensive, sissy? It should.

Spread another dollup inside. Does that feel good? How did your boyclit react, hmmm? Put some lube on the head of your new friend and spread it around. Then some more - it's important to use lots of lube. Now for the moment of truth. Holding your dildo with one hand, use the other to spread your ass cheeks and guide that missile to its little puckered bulls-eye.

Your sphincter will probably resist this bulbous invader at first. Be patient, but persistent. Rub the head around your anal ring, first pushing it in a little, and then retreating. Try to relax your sphincter muscle in response to these advances. Finally, you will have pushed the head in far enough to get past the ring, and your greedly little sphincter will close tightly behind the head, thereby pulling the dildo in deeper. Did that make you gasp? That's it - your last defenses have been breached. You've been deflowered; you might as well relax and enjoy it - your boyclit appears to have!

Pause a moment and get used to the feeling of that cock inside you. Move it a little, in, out, and around, experimenting. Aim that monster at your belly button and try to find your sissy G spot. Now pull it all of the way out - your sphincter is reluctant to let it go, isn't it? Relube and slide it back in. It goes in much more easily this time. You're getting used to this, you little slut!

Start to fuck yourself slowly, with long strokes in and out. All of the way in, and then almost all of the way out. Let your body move in response: thrust your hips upward to meet the instroke, and roll them back on the oustroke. When you used to wank your boyclit, it was just your hand doing the work; now your whole body should be in on the action. With your free hand, play with yourself. Stroke your skin, fondle your nipples, rake your belly with your fingernails. You may touch your boyclit, but only enough to keep it perky! Try varying the tempo, or how far in or out it goes, or where the head is aimed, and note your body's reactions.

While continuing to fuck yourself, reflect on this. There are several purposes to this exercise; the first one being to move your focus for sexual gratification from your boyclit to your boypussy. To that end, you will never again touch your boyclit to bring yourself to orgasm. You will only cum from being fucked in the ass. Oh, it's possible all right, although it may take a while for your body to learn how to do it. It will be a frustating time, I'm sure. But, you say, real women touch themselves when they masturbate. Yes, but the feminine ideal is to be fufilled - to achieve orgasm - through penetration alone, and your goal is to be ideally feminine, isn't it, sissy girl?

The second purpose is to externalize the source of your sexual gratification. You are no longer self-contained; you will be dependent on penetration from a cock in order to achieve orgasm. You will probably start to find phallic shapes very intriguing! How humiliating! A Real Man would not swoon over the shape of, say, a banana, wondering how that would feel inside him. But you aren't a Real Man, are you, sissy girl?

The third purpose is to open you up (literally), to make you feel more vulnerable, more... accessable. Real men are too controlled, too tight, too rigid. As a sissy, you must become more reactive, more pliant, more... submissive. Accepting that alien invader now burrowing deeply within you is a step in that direction. Can you imagine a Real Man fucking himself in the ass with a rubber cock? Of course not.

Your boyclit is probably leaking precum all over the place by now. You must not waste any. Scoop it up off your belly with your fingers and then lick them clean. But don't touch your boyclit! Instead, tighten and release your anal muscles around that dildo, and feel how it makes your boyclit perk up! So, only touch your boyclit when you need to; otherwise, milk that dildo.

It's probably time to try a new position. Keeping the dildo inside you (unless you really were looking forward to the feeling of reinsertion!) roll over and get up on your knees. We want both hands available, so you might need to put a big pillow under your breasts to be comfortable without having to hold yourself up. I bet that your ass looks really cute, waving around in the air like that. Does this position make you feel more accessible, more vulnerable? Imagine that Real Man has surprised you and wants to have his way with you. Given your... position... all he has to do is to grab your hips and plunge his charger deep inside you. But don't worry, there aren't any Real Men around here. smirk

Next time have a plate handy to catch all of that precum that is leaking down onto the sheets. You'll know what to do with it.

After fucking yourself doggie-style for five minutes, try another position. It's called "Sissy Cowgirl". (This is a good time to relube that cock, if you haven't done it recently.) Take that pillow and fold it or bunch it to provide a firmer support, and drape a towel over it. Set your dildo on it and hold it upright, pointing to the sky. Your job is to impale yourself on it. This time, instead of guiding the cock to you, you're going to guide yourself to it.

Kneel with the pillow between your legs, and with that cock a little behind you. Without looking, but with your free hand spreading your ass cheeks in anticipation, lower yourself toward that cock. Your free hand will have to help guide you to the right spot. It may seem awkward, but don't worry, practice will make it perfect! When you've reached the target, lower yourself onto it. There! I'll bet that made your boyclit jump!

Since the pillow keeps the dildo in position for you, largely but not entirely immoble, your body movements are key to maximizing the sensations that you feel. Try rocking your hips slowly back and forth. Rotating them, first one way and then the other. Let your body tell you what feels good.

Your hands are free to do things like cup your breasts. Grab your buttocks. Support your weight as you experiment with different angles. Scoop up that never-ending supply of precum. Next time, set up your cock-sucking mirror so that you can watch yourself squirm as you ride that cock. Or had you thought of that already?

If you can reach orgasm without touching your boyclit, congratulations! You've scored! (Of course, you remembered to catch your cum. You're so well trained!) But if you can't quite get there, don't worry - there's always tomorrow. Because I want you to fuck yourself daily. Do it first thing - that way, you can wonder which of the women you'll see that day also got fucked that morning.

Keep up your cocksucking as well. What's that? Can you combine sucking and fucking, do them both at the same time? Sissy, you're such a slut sometimes! Well, if it adds an extra note of excitement to feel one cock up your ass while you're sucking another, or to have your mouth filled with cock while you're fucking yourself into ecstasy, then more power to you. But you should still spend time concentrating on each activity individually. You'll just have to wake up that much earlier!

Your assignment is to fuck yourself every day for a week. Three positions, at least five minutes in each. Can you dream up new ones? How about: sprawled back in a big easy chair or sofa, with one or more legs draped over the arms or back? Don't forget to put down a towel! Or, can you think of ways that you can brace your dildo against something while on your back or in doggie-position, so that you won't need to use your hands?

If you are able to cum just from penetration, feel free to do so as often as you are able. (Enjoy it while you can. smile) If you can't, don't worry. Maybe your dildo just isn't big enough - although you did buy one that was as least as big as your boyclit, didn't you? (Think about that for a moment.) You'll have a chance to rectify that possibility in the next lesson. grin

Yes, I have fucked myself with my dildo and have not touched my boyclit to make myself cum

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thaaaaat's All, Folks!

Not for this blog as a whole, but specifically for the Sissy Station assignments. I'd only saved the first five, since they were my favorites. If anyone has saved more of them and can forward them to me, I'd be glad to keep posting them.

I'm also in the process of posting something that I wrote in imitation of the Sissy Station assignments, and I have a few ideas beyond that. But, like any good sissy, I'm always open to suggestions!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sissy Station - assignment 5

Here's my reposting of the fifth Sissy Station assignment. Here are links back to the previous assignment and to the introduction of the series. Enjoy!

Your Fifth Sissy Assignment

You are a panty-wearing, cocksucking, cum-eating, sissy slut.

Say it.

Are you proud of yourself?

I hope you've been doing your homework. Do you enjoy sucking cock? One so realistic you can feel the head slide over your tongue? Do you like the taste of your cum yet? Do you find it humiliating?

Well, your cocksucking is going to be even more humiliating from now on.

Firstly, you are to increase your cocksucking practice to twice a day, morning and night.

Secondly, you are to watch yourself sucking cock in a mirror.

Thirdly, you are going to wear lipstick. Not just any lipstick. Bright, fiery red lipstick.

What could be more exciting than watching a pair of glossy, red lips swallow a thick cock? And what could be more humiliating than knowing they are your bright,
red lips swallowing a large and very realistic cock. Your lipstick will be smeared over your face and down the shaft of the dildo. You will taste lipstick, intermingled with the rubbery taste of dildo and the taste of pre-cum.

As this will be very arousing for you, you must restrict your orgasms to once every five days. This means you must put on lipstick and suck cock in a mirror ten times before you spurt. Is that clear? Will you be able to stop yourself cum? You must.

But first you must buy your lipstick. Don't forget; buy quality, you are investing in your femininity. The colour lipstick you choose must have 'fire', 'blaze' or 'hot' in the name, so you can't just rush up to a display and take the first one you see. You will have to read the labels carefully.

Uncap your new lipstick. Wind up the phallic column of pure colour. Face your cocksucking mirror. Run the firm, waxy stick across your top lip.

Press your lips together and see the colour transfer to your bottom lip. Drag the lipstick across your bottom lip, backwards and forwards until the colour is thick and creamy.

Make sure both lips are fully covered, right into your mouth, but not on your teeth. Blot your lips by pressing a tissue against them, then paint them again. This will make the colour last longer. Now begin your cocksucking ritual. Kiss the tip and look at the feminine, red lipmark you have left. You are such a slut! Suck that cock for all you're worth. Do not cum. Every five minutes, renew your lipstick. Continue cocksucking for at least 15 minutes.

You will do this twice a day, every day, including work days, so you'd better start getting up early.

You may cum three times, once every five days, so do not proceed to your next assignment for at least fifteen days.

I put on lipstick before I suck cock and I have drunk all my cum

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pragmatic Questions

A couple of pragmatic questions.

On my browser (Firefox 3.6), the formatting is fine. Are there any weirdnesses on any other browsers that anyone sees? Please let me know if this is the case.

Second, because I have to control the HTML to get exactly the effect that I want, I find that I cannot view the post before publishing it. Viewing the post tends to insert formatting tags that interfere with the display aspects that I want to control. Therefore, I have to publish the post to view it. Unfortunately, if I don't have the post exactly right, that means that I have to repost it several times to get it right.

For you followers out there, does that meant that you receive multiple notifications of each post? If this is the case, at least you know what is going on.

If so, I apologize. I think that I should have most of the required formats down pat so that I could get a new post up without having to republish it. Something to look forward to!