Hypnosis/Training Video

Sissy Shower Hypnosis (29:48) Isabella Valentine's full Sissy Shower Hypnosis
Cock Sucking Encouragement (6:48) Hot BJ instruction audio, backed by clips of girls giving head
Face Down Ass Up (5:10) That's the way we like to fuck!
Blow Job Rules for Sissies (9:51)
Being a Party Girl Hypno (30:48)
Cum Swallow Trainer by G4reth (4:03)
Sissy BangBangBang (3:09)
Slurp It Up (8:04)
Slurp It Up 2 (9:20)
Something About (7:55) Feminization and cock-sucking motivation
Asian Sissy Trainer Hypno (9:25)
Sissy Cumslut Trainer (9:50) relentless...
Eat cum-Sissy trainer (3:40) cum is good for you ...
Come to Daddy (5:38) Find a man... become his sissy... and be who you were meant to be!
Sissy Satisfaction (4:49) by LeilaBe
Hypno Bimbo Sissy (11:33)
Feel Good Sissy Queen 2 (6:48) by LeilaBe (aka Soft Sissy Intro)
Sissy Hypno Cock Sucking (7:27)
You are a Girl (4:08) by Cum Princess
Forced Bi Cocksucking Lesson (5:05)
Indulge your gay fantasies (8:52)
Sissy Cock Sucker (8:13) First cocksucking lesson
Cock Addiction (12:32) Are you addicted?
Bound to Cum (6:07) Bound woman fucked by machine
Sissy Training: Submit to Hard Cocks (3:14)
Lucy Done's Know your place (3:39)
Sissy Whore Instructions by Miss Minxie (11:40)
Cock Worship! (18:28)
You ARE the Girl (7:02) by Lace Slave. Isabella Valentine + a beautiful blowjob
Sucking Pleasure (10:00) a nice, long BJ
Obsession, by Jlodalisque (10:45) Slow cock-sucking trainer
Worship, by Jlodalisque (8:44) Slow Hypno Cock Worship Trainer 2
Cocksucker Training Station with Princess Jackie (7:42)
Hypno coco transe (9:21) hands-free orgasm
Dickmatized (9:02)
Eat It by Sissy Sandra (4:20)
Ultimate Sissy Slut Hypno (15:35)
5 Sissy Steps by Pandorasissy (57:01) Reaaaallly long, but it looks reaaaallly effective!
Sissy Trainer - Sissies Love Cock (3:30)
Goonluvers Hypno (2:58) ... You can't stop thinking about sex sith guys...

Isabella Valentine videos on dailymotion

Sissy Training Videos

Amazing hypno videos on xtube by loltraps:
Sissy Slut Heather has three very nice cock-sucking/anal hypnosis videos

New location for Annamalice!

Sissymaker first posted by Annamalice and The(S)heplacements
Sissy Maker II (7:22)

From The(S)heplacements:
Princess Isabella Trains You to be her Backup Cock Sucker (12:44)

Long Cocksucking Trainer (20:22)
A nice, long, compilation of cock-sucking video clips with voice-overs from mistresses telling you what to do and what you are. Originally posted by Anna Malice
Posted by Erica (My SIssy Side).

Hypnotic Wishes Flash Animations

Renna's Forced Fem Fantasy

Sophie has some incredibly hot hypnosis/trainer videos on her blog. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sissy Couture has some of the best hypnosis/training videos! Here is her list of creations, and below are my favorites:

Felicia has created some amazing hypnosis/training videos! Here are my favorites:
  • You Want to Suck His Cock (6:00). Nice video clips of girls sucking cock; hypnotic voice: you want him to fuck you later, but now you want to suck his cock... long slow sucking... the best he ever had...
  • Tip Tonguers (2:26)
    "K all you good little sissy faggot cocksuckers! Here's another Isabella audio with some tasty close ups of tongues tasting cocks! I KNOW you love cocks in your mouth!"
  • Worshipping Cock
  • - audio is a short excerpt of Isabella Valentine's Cock Worship
  • Bitch in Heat - a celebration of Doggy Style
  • How I Want It - beautiful shemales being fucked
  • Adrianna Lima - clips of Victoria Secret supermodel on the runway
  • On my Back (A Love Thing - the Way I Want It (2:33)

Annamalice also has many incredibly hot hypnosis/trainer videos! Here are just a few that I've enjoyed:

Hypnosis Videos:
"His Secret" videos: Blowjobs: