Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sissy Station - Assignment 3

Here is my reposting of the 3rd Sissy Station assignment. Here is the Introduction, and here is a link back to the previous assignment.

Your Third Sissy Assignment

Are you used to wearing pantyhose? Don't they feel great on your legs? Do you get a new thrill looking at women's legs? Do you wonder about being discovered?

So far, all you have changed is your clothes. In the next few assignments, you will change your attitude.

What defines you as a man? Your cock does, no matter how puny and pathetic it is. A cock is not a feminine thing. From now on, you will call it your boyclit. I bet you've jerked off in your panties as you've enjoyed the silky, slinky feel of sheer pantyhose on your thighs. Not any more. From now on, you may only cum when you have permission to cum. You are free to masturbate, in fact you must masturbate regularly, but you will not cum without permission.

The other problem with your boyclit is that it enables you to pee standing up. Not any more. From now on you will sit down to pee like a proper girl. Pull down your trousers, pull down your pantyhose, pull down your panties and pee. Wipe yourself when you've finished. You want to be a clean, sissy girl, don't you? Everytime you pee, you will drop your panties. No popping your boyclit out over the top, okay, sissy?

Your main task this time is to purchase four women's magazines. One must be a glossy, fashion monthly, one dedicted to hair and beauty, one aimed at 20-somethings, with sexy, superficial questionnaires and one a trashy weekly. Buy them all from the same shop in one visit, so it's obvious they are for you.

You will read everything in all of them, but pay particular attention to hair, make up and fashion advice. Soon you will need this advice. You will complete all the questionnaires. Find three hairstyles, three faces and three outfits that you like and masturbate over each, imagining you are the featured model.

Do NOT cum.

Which magazine had the majority of chosen pictures? You will get every issue from now on. You will subscribe to that magazine, so that it's delivered to your door with your name on the packaging.

Do not proceed to your next assignment until you have read all your magazines and sent off your subscription.

I have bought a selection of women's magazines and subscribed to one of them. I still wear panties and pantyhose all the time. I am a sissy.

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