Thursday, March 24, 2011

Compare and Contrast

It is interesting to see the differences between various sissy assignments. For example, Susan has been reposting Wicked Micahel's Sissification guides, one of which involves buying women's magazines. Now, there are two obvious differences between the Sissy Station assignments and Wicked Michael's assignments:
  • Wicked Michael provides a more incremental approach
  • Sissy Station has a much more mocking tone
Which one works best for you, dear reader?


Tiffany said...

They're both brilliant in their own way and I am so glad the both of you are seeking to archive and capture them. Would be tragic if they were lost forever.

Incidently I think I prefer Michaels in general. But I DO so love the mocking tone of the Sissy Station. I just find it jumps ahead too quick.

Charmane said...

I quite agree - I find the tone of the Sissy Station assignments to be deliciously humiliating, but the slow build-up of Michael's assignments may be more effective in the long run. It would be awesome to combine the best of them both!

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