Friday, June 17, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

Gurls, I had such great plans for a couple of new assignments and they just haven't come together. A combination of lacking the right words and/or images. I'm still working on them, but I can't promise when they'll be ready.

But, in the meantime, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the large volume of good hypno/training video out there. Sissification trainers, cock-sucking trainers, bimbotization, anal, cock worship, etc., etc. I've had trouble keeping track of which ones I like the best, and why. So I thought that I might write some blog posts to help me keep them straight.

Felicia has produced a lot of great material (thanks, Felicia!), and Anna Malice has found tons of wonderful videos, and started producing her own (go, Anna!). But the video that I keep coming back to is one that Sophie posted back in January: Boys, Boys, Boys. If you haven't seen it already, take a look and then see if your reactions match mine. I'm not an audio-visual expert at all, so I'm sure that I'm not using the correct terminology - and I would welcome clarifications!

Boys, Boys, Boys seems like a near-perfect combination of the things that I like best in this kind of video. First of all, the content: a familiar story arc from sexy girls provocatively posed, to hot boy-girl action, and culiminating with cum-shots. No obvious T-gurls here, which may disappoint some, but which I (to some extent) prefer - as an autogynephile, what I like best about T-gurls is what they have in common with girls!

I love the song, Lady Gaga's Boys, Boys, Boys, and I think that it is a perfect choice for a sissy video! And the moans and cries from the various video clips enhance the audio track! The visual content is well matched to the audio. In particular, right at the first chorus is the transition from some sexy (mostly still) poses to some hot (video) action. And the pace during the bridge seems to me to change in a way that I can't quite put my finger on, but seems a little more relentless.

The visual content is a mixture of pictures and video that work well together. The pictures are not static: the viewpoint is constantly panning or zooming over them, which helps to maintain the feeling of movement. The pace varies, but is on average perhaps a second per image? Fast enough to keep things moving, without being dizzying.

One effect that I really like is how some of the video clips are broken up by still pictures. For example, at around 1:06, there's a clip of a girl about to take a cock into her mouth. Then there's a still picture. Then back to the video clip; she's reaching up with her hand to grasp it. Then another still picture, before going back one last time to the video clip to see her holding it while kissing his balls. This pattern is followed several times throughout the video, and it gives a sense of continuity while keeping things moving.

Lastly, the superimposed text is, for me, right on target. Not just the content, which I like, but how it is presented. A big, bold font that is constant throughout. Short phrases, many of which are broken up so that only one or two words are visible at a time (TEASE ... BOYS ... ... KISS ... BOYS ... ... YOU ... ARE ... A GIRL). Overall, I find myself absorbed in the images, having processed the words without having consciously read them.

Anyway, I hope that I've been able to convey why I like this video so much. I keep hoping to find more like it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that boys,boys,boys video!

Thanks for posting it and thanks for the link so my blog.

LOVE YOUR blog too!

kara x x x

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ashik laskar said...

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