Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thaaaaat's All, Folks!

Not for this blog as a whole, but specifically for the Sissy Station assignments. I'd only saved the first five, since they were my favorites. If anyone has saved more of them and can forward them to me, I'd be glad to keep posting them.

I'm also in the process of posting something that I wrote in imitation of the Sissy Station assignments, and I have a few ideas beyond that. But, like any good sissy, I'm always open to suggestions!


tremain said...

tremain said...

to clarify, that last post i made linked to all of the assignments.

Charmane said...

Thanks for the link! It didn't work for me when I tried it just now: "We were unable to get the robots.txt document to display this page. Our request Timed Out." But I'll try it again, later.

Since I had posted this, Sissy Station had come back up on, but then went away again. :(

And thanks for reading!

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