Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sissy Station - assignment 5

Here's my reposting of the fifth Sissy Station assignment. Here are links back to the previous assignment and to the introduction of the series. Enjoy!

Your Fifth Sissy Assignment

You are a panty-wearing, cocksucking, cum-eating, sissy slut.

Say it.

Are you proud of yourself?

I hope you've been doing your homework. Do you enjoy sucking cock? One so realistic you can feel the head slide over your tongue? Do you like the taste of your cum yet? Do you find it humiliating?

Well, your cocksucking is going to be even more humiliating from now on.

Firstly, you are to increase your cocksucking practice to twice a day, morning and night.

Secondly, you are to watch yourself sucking cock in a mirror.

Thirdly, you are going to wear lipstick. Not just any lipstick. Bright, fiery red lipstick.

What could be more exciting than watching a pair of glossy, red lips swallow a thick cock? And what could be more humiliating than knowing they are your bright,
red lips swallowing a large and very realistic cock. Your lipstick will be smeared over your face and down the shaft of the dildo. You will taste lipstick, intermingled with the rubbery taste of dildo and the taste of pre-cum.

As this will be very arousing for you, you must restrict your orgasms to once every five days. This means you must put on lipstick and suck cock in a mirror ten times before you spurt. Is that clear? Will you be able to stop yourself cum? You must.

But first you must buy your lipstick. Don't forget; buy quality, you are investing in your femininity. The colour lipstick you choose must have 'fire', 'blaze' or 'hot' in the name, so you can't just rush up to a display and take the first one you see. You will have to read the labels carefully.

Uncap your new lipstick. Wind up the phallic column of pure colour. Face your cocksucking mirror. Run the firm, waxy stick across your top lip.

Press your lips together and see the colour transfer to your bottom lip. Drag the lipstick across your bottom lip, backwards and forwards until the colour is thick and creamy.

Make sure both lips are fully covered, right into your mouth, but not on your teeth. Blot your lips by pressing a tissue against them, then paint them again. This will make the colour last longer. Now begin your cocksucking ritual. Kiss the tip and look at the feminine, red lipmark you have left. You are such a slut! Suck that cock for all you're worth. Do not cum. Every five minutes, renew your lipstick. Continue cocksucking for at least 15 minutes.

You will do this twice a day, every day, including work days, so you'd better start getting up early.

You may cum three times, once every five days, so do not proceed to your next assignment for at least fifteen days.

I put on lipstick before I suck cock and I have drunk all my cum

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