Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sissy Station is Gone??!!!

I tried the Sissy Station link yesterday, and got a 404 error message!  I hope that this is a transient problem!


SB said...

I don't know but a number have sites have gone in the last several months. I suspect some hosts are being strong on their T&C's and some of the stuff we're into may not fit with them. You could try sissysocial ( ) and I have a PG 13 Maid/Female fashion site.
Regards sissygurl belinda

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Charmane, so nice to see you posting. You are one of the nicest girls I know. I hope you do more posts.

All the best.


Alexa Crosst said...

use a handy internet archive to access those missing assignments

i've managed to get them all (the text at least) let me know if you have problems.

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